Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Space Available for OTRD Training Camp on Feb. 24

A few spaces are still available for the next OTRD Training Camp coming up February 24.

Held four times a year, these full-day sessions provide the chance to meet and interact with OTRD staff to learn about programs and get assistance with specific areas of focus or concern. For your convenience, we will get all the right people together at one time.

Participants will meet in our Oklahoma City office and get to know who we are and what we do. You will have access to our staff for individual appointments in the areas of public relations, development, grant funding, electronic marketing, consumer, group, and international travel.

Other opportunities include:
  • Meeting with our frontline call center staff and let them know about your community or attraction.
  • Learning how you can work with the Oklahoma Film & Music Office and what special requirements are needed for this industry.
  • Pitching your story to our public relations staff, Oklahoma Today Magazine, and Discover Oklahoma.

For more information about this exciting, interactive program, please contact Barbara Elder at (405) 230-8409 or

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ECO Partners with Clean The World

As part of the ECO program, OTRD has partnered with several organizations who share sustainable goals. One of our partners is Clean the World, a Florida based non-profit organization launched in February 2009.

Last year, founders Shawn Seipler and Paul Till became inspired to make a difference. They created Clean the World with hopes of improving the quality of life for children in third world countries by recycling gently used soap and shampoo products—items commonly thrown away at hotels. These seemingly simple items have been proven to significantly reduce deaths and illnesses. Clean the World creates partnerships with hotels across the country to prevent these items from going to waste.

Since its founding less than a year ago, Clean the World has recycled 21,000 bars of soap and 50 gallons of shampoo and conditioner to distribute back into communities where these items are scarce. As an added bonus, the process has eliminated four tons of waste.

ECO is proud to be a partner in the Clean the World mission. ECO is committed to encouraging Oklahoma hotels to partner with Clean the World as part of making state travel more sustainable. Oklahoma currently has two hotels partnered with Clean the World, Oklahoma City’s Colcord Hotel and Tulsa’s Hotel Ambassador. Hotel Ambassador was recently featured on the Clean the World blog at

The process is simple. Hotels sign up to donate soap and shampoo and Clean the World provides collection bins, online training resources, and marketing materials. Plus, they place your hotel’s logo on their website and give you a mention in their newsletter.

To learn more about Clean the World or the ECO mission you can visit or